Master Clock

The 5700MSC-IP is an IP Network Grand Master Clock and a Video Master Sync Generator both referenced to GPS and/or GLONASS. The system features 2x GbE, 2x 10 GbE ports, 6x fully timeable sync outputs, 4x SDI outputs and a loop through reference input. For those hyrbrid plants where LTC outputs and AES/analog audio test sets are required, an optional (+AUX) expansion module is available. This combo IP Network Grand Master Clock and Master Sync Generator is ideal for timing today's IP-based video broadcast, production and distribution facilities. It provides all the future timing needs of an IP-based plant while providing precision reference to any baseband SDI/Analog systems. The test generator option(s) provide several test sets which are available on the 4x SDI (SD/HD/3 Gbps) outputs as well as over the 10 GbE IP outputs (10 GbE SFP's are optional). There are 10x independent test signal generators when a test generator option is ordered, any can be routed to the 10 GbE outputs, or the SDI outputs ( 4 generators may be combined to form a 4K signal generator). As for IP timing formats, the 5700MSC-IP has been designed to be enterprise class, handling all current IP timing needs with the horsepower to address the future. It supports NTP, PTP-IEEE1588, MASTER PCR, AVB-IEEE802.1AS, AES67 profile, and SMPTE 2059-2. IP networking for live production and broadcast environments have very specific needs and requirements that typically involve deterministic flows, high bandwidth, and an SDN-based network design. The 5700MSC-IP can be used to design a robust, safe and deterministic timing system for any IP Network or Hybrid IP/Baseband Video system. The product has been designed to handle timing requirements of several thousands of PTP clients. The 5700MSC-IP has 2x 10 GbE ports as well as two GbE ports that can be configured to provide and distribute any of the timing protocols described above. This 5700MSC-IP is delivered with a GNSS head (GPS and GLONASS capable) complete with a 50 ft cable for remote mounting (100 ft, 400 ft and fiber optic extension options are available for longer cable lengths). A high stability, temperature-controlled oscillator provides the 5700MSC-IP with better than 1.0x10-8 (or 0.01ppm) frequency reference. The free running drift of this 10 MHz reference will be less then 0.1 Hz (which amounts to less than one millisecond time drift per day). This guarantees that any frequency drift, with time and temperature, will be within the tolerances expected from the best SPGs or master clocks available in the industry. Note that the provided GNSS antenna is required for PTP, AVB PCR, or 2059-2 timing protocols to be hosted by the system. The SPG section of the 5700MSC-IP provides six independent timeable reference outputs. These six sync outputs may be configured to provide independently timed color black (black burst) outputs, independently timed HDTV tri-level sync outputs, 10MHz outputs, word clock, and various available pulses. It is available with a main processing board and optional redundant power supply.


Features & Benefits

  • Modular design, allowing flexible configurations along with easy system reconfiguration and service
  • May be mounted in the 7800FR series frames in high–density applications
  • May be mounted in the 7801FR and fitted with the 7801CP control panel, yielding a 1 RU IRDA with removable front control panel and optional redundant power supplies, all of which are hot–swappable and may be serviced without any decabling required
  • Up to two units may be mounted in the 7801FR and used with the 7801CP, providing a dual IRD solution in 1RU
  • Future proof with upgrade paths to support future modulation and encoding technologies
  • Standard support for advanced modulation schemes, including DVB–S2 with 16APSK and 32APSK
  • Flexible decoding of SD and HD as standard
  • Support for encoding profiles from distribution to contribution grade, including H.264 in 4:2:0 8–bit and optional 4:2:2 10–bit formats “software upgradable", along with legacy MPEG–2
  • Available DVB–CI slot for conditional access modules
  • Available BISS and BISS–E decryption
  • Flexible mid–stage access to compressed domain signals, including ASI and optional IP output along with ASI and optional IP inputs
  • Straight pass through or PID filtering/remapping of compressed stream outputs
  • Standard Dolby pass through and decode of Dolby AC–3 and MPEG–2 Layer 1 audio
  • Optional decoding of Dolby E, Plus and AAC
  • Eight AES outputs
  • Optional Audio Video Monitoring (AVM) for audio mute and video freeze and black detection
  • Control through web browser or SNMP using third–party application or Evertz' own VistaLINK® SNMP control and monitoring software
  • Optional SCTE 105/34 translation
  • Ability to store ten preset configurations
  • Event log support with exporting capabilities are supported on VLPRO
  • Built–in control port for direct control and management of the IRDA